Who is Salim Karim, Mahira Khan’s 2nd husband? A Businessman or DJ


Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has entered into her second marriage, exchanging vows with her longtime partner, Salim Karim. According to reports, the couple held a private wedding ceremony on Sunday, October 1st, at the Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Who is Salim Karim, Mahira Khan's 2nd husband

The intimate gathering included a few close friends and family members.

Mahira and Salim’s enchanting wedding

The couple tied the knot in a picturesque outdoor ceremony, and the wedding’s specifics remained concealed until Mahira’s manager, Anushay Talha Khan, made the announcement to the public.

The video captures Mahira walking down the aisle toward Salim, who gazes lovingly at his bride. In the footage, Salim can be seen wiping away tears as he approaches her, and the couple shares a heartfelt embrace.

Watch the video of wedding ceremony:

The news of Mahira’s wedding has created a sensation on the internet. Netizens are eagerly searching for information about the new man in Mahira’s life, with questions like “Who is Mahira Khan’s husband, Salim Karim?”, “What is his profession?”, and “How did Mahira and Salim meet?” These are just a few of the inquiries people have been making about the actress. So, without further ado, we have gathered all the details about Mahira Khan’s husband for you.

Who exactly is Salim Karim?

Salim Karim is a prominent business magnate and not widely recognized in the Pakistani film industry. According to reports, he serves as the CEO of the startup firm Simpaisa. In addition to his business pursuits, Salim is a professional DJ.

As per the Pakistani news network website, Samaa, “This innovative startup enables individuals to conduct payments directly through their SIM cards, streamlining financial transactions for numerous individuals.”

Mahira Khan and Salim’s love story

Salim and Mahira have been in a relationship for more than five years. Nevertheless, the couple successfully kept their love life out of the public eye.

They initially crossed paths in 2017 at the launch event of a television application named Tapmad TV. Speculation about their romantic involvement began circulating when they were seen together on multiple occasions. Nonetheless, the couple skillfully maintained their silence on the matter.

According to reports, the couple reportedly became engaged in Turkey in 2019.

Mahira’s initial admission!

In 2020, Mahira publicly acknowledged her relationship with Salim for the first time. During an Instagram live session with Pakistani designer HSY, the “Humsafar” actress openly discussed her connection with her boyfriend.

HSY unveiled Mahira’s boyfriend’s name and inquired, “You are in love now, his name is Salim. When you gaze deeply into his eyes, what is the first thought that crosses your mind?”

Mahira declined to divulge any specifics about her relationship but did confirm that she is genuinely in love with someone special.

Referencing a dialogue from her renowned Pakistani show, “Humsafar,” Mahira stated, “There’s a line in ‘Humsafar,’ which I found beautiful, where Ashar says to Khirad, ‘Pta nahi tum muje kis neki ke badle me mile ho’ I feel the same way about him.”

Then She added, “I’m not sure what I’ve done in my life, but I must have done something right to be blessed by Allah in this manner.”

Mahira Khan’s first marriage

Mahira, a prominent figure in the Pakistani film industry, was previously married to Ali Askari. They tied the knot in 2007 but separated in 2015. The former couple has a son together named Azlan.

Mahira Khan’s Career in Film Industry

Mahira began her career as a VJ and gradually transitioned into acting. Her breakthrough came when she portrayed the character of Khirad Hussain in the romantic drama “Humsafar,” alongside Fawad Khan. She later appeared in numerous television series, including “Shehr-e-Zaat,” “Bin Roye,” “Main Manto,” and more.

Mahira ventured into the big screen in 2011 with “Bol” and subsequently appeared in several highly praised films such as “Manto” and “Superstar.” Her most recent success includes the blockbuster film “The Legend of Maula Jatt,” which achieved massive popularity.

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In 2017, she marked her Bollywood debut in “Raees,” where she starred with Shah Rukh Khan.

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