Tamil actor Vijay Antony’s daughter ‘Meera’ dies by suicide in Chennai

Tamil actor Vijay Antony's daughter 'Meera' dies by suicide in Chennai

A tragic event occurred on September 19th at the home of Vijay Antony, a well-known actor and music director in India. Regrettably, his 16-year-old daughter’s life came to a heartbreaking conclusion, reportedly due to suicide, according to the police.

Tamil actor Vijay Antony's daughter 'Meera' dies by suicide in Chennai

During the early hours, the young teenager was discovered hanging in her residence in Teynampet. Quick action was taken, and she was promptly transported to a city hospital. Upon her arrival, medical experts pronounced her as ‘brought dead.’

Vijay Antony’s daughter ‘Meera’ dies by suicide

The girl who passed away was one of Antony’s two daughters. She was enrolled in the 12th grade at a nearby private school, as reported by PTI. Authorities have launched an inquiry into this tragic and unusual death, as a case has been filed, and an investigation is currently underway, according to their statement.

A user of One X (Twitter) asserted that Vijay had experienced the loss of his father due to suicide. The user shared a video in which the actor passionately explained why suicide should never be considered as a solution.

Expressions of sympathy are being offered

“I was profoundly shocked to learn about the tragic loss of Meera, the daughter of my dear friend, musician, actor, and director Vijay Antony. My heart aches for Vijay and his wife Fatima during this unimaginably difficult time. May the Lord grant them the strength to withstand this tragedy. “Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho, expressed his condolences with the words ‘May Meera rest in peace’ on X (formerly Twitter).”

In response to her passing, veteran actor R Sarathkumar expressed, “The news of the untimely and tragic demise of @vijayantony and Fatima’s daughter is profoundly shocking. No words of comfort or condolences can alleviate the enduring sorrow of Vijay Antony and Fatima.”

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He conveyed his condolences on the social media platform X, saying, “Vijay, I pray that the Almighty grants your family the strength to endure this incomprehensible loss.”

Movie-maker Venkat Prabhu expressed on X (formerly Twitter), “I woke up to this surprising news! My heartfelt condolences to Vijay Antony Sir and his family.”

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