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It’s widely known that faith-driven films have consistently found a home at the Heartland International Film Festival in Indianapolis. Since the festival’s inception 31 years ago, it has featured a diverse array of films, ranging from those rooted in genuine faith narratives to selections from the distinct realm of LDS cinema.

Surprised by Oxford (2023) Review

Additionally, the festival has showcased films that delve into the broader exploration of the concept of “belief.”As the cinematic scope of the Heartland International Film Festival has expanded, it remains a dedicated platform for films that draw inspiration from faith and personal transformation.

This renowned festival celebrates the profound impact of film in changing individuals, families, communities, and the world. In the 2022 edition of the Heartland International Film Festival, one such noteworthy film is “Surprised by Oxford,” skillfully crafted by writer/director Ryan Whitaker.

This intelligent, inquisitive, and emotionally authentic film is based on the memoir by Carolyn Whitaker and narrates the journey of Caro, portrayed by Rose Reid. Caro, a brilliant yet guarded young woman, embarks on her Oxford adventure through a scholarship with a resolute commitment to complete her Ph.D.

Surprised by Oxford Movie Details

Movie NameSurprised by Oxford
Release Date27 September, 2023 (in Limited Theaters)
Budget50 Million USD
DirectorRyan Whitaker
ProductionKen Carpenter, Jen Lewis
WritersCarolyn Weber, Ryan Whitaker
StarsSimon Callow, Rose Reid, Mark Williams
GenreRomance and Drama
OTT ReleaseTBA
Runtime107 Minutes

Surprised by Oxford Movie Review

Caro’s early life was marked by turbulence, a tumultuous past she was earnestly attempting to leave behind. She was reserved and found it challenging to form close friendships, but an older student named Kent Weber, played by Ruairi O’Connor, took a keen interest in her. Initially, Kent’s presence felt like mentoring, yet it was hard to ignore his undeniable charm and attractiveness.

Caro found this budding friendship somewhat distracting, particularly because Kent was an unabashed Christian who openly embraced his faith, while Caro leaned towards atheism. However, as their friendship deepened, Caro discovered that it positively influenced her academically, leading her to explore faith in her studies of the Romantics.

“Surprised by Oxford,” which had its world premiere at the Heartland International Film Festival, defied expectations for a faith-inspired film. Instead of the usual poorly acted, overly didactic productions, it delivered one of the most intelligent and visually stunning films of 2022. Edd Lukas’s cinematography was warm and immersive, capturing the beauty of Oxford’s setting, while Nick Box’s original score added heartfelt depth to the narrative without overpowering it.

The film benefited greatly from the strong performances of Rose Reid and Ruairi O’Connor. They skillfully portrayed the nuances that made their characters, Caro and Kent, both distinct and remarkably alike. Watching Reid unfold Caro’s character over the course of the film was a joy, and O’Connor’s portrayal of Kent avoided becoming a one-dimensional caricature, making him a truly inspired character.

The film’s title was drawn from C.S. Lewis’s “Surprised by Joy,” and parallels with the book were intelligently woven into the narrative without being manipulative or overly sentimental. Writer/director Ryan Whitaker ensured that “Surprised by Oxford” stood as a unique and powerful film in its own right.

While “Surprised by Oxford” occasionally embraced a feel-good spirit, Whitaker mostly grounded the story in realism, with a subtle emotional resonance that inspired without veering into preachiness.

As a fan of British stage and cinema, the presence of household names like Phyllis Logan (known for “Downton Abbey”), Mark Williams (from “Father Brown”), and two-time BAFTA nominee Simon Callow as Oxford academics was particularly appreciated.

In unexpected ways, “Surprised by Oxford” proved to be a truly lovely film and one of the standout independent gems at the 31st annual Heartland International Film Festival. As it embarks on its festival journey, one can only hope that it finds the audience it truly deserves, as it sets a sublime example of how faith-inspired cinema can be masterfully executed.

Surprised by Oxford (2023) Trailer

Surprised by Oxford Cast & Characters List

  • Rose Reid (as Caro Drake)
  • Ruairi O’Connor (as Kent Weber)
  • Phyllis Logan (as Provost Regina Knight)
  • Simon Callow (as Dr. Sterling)
  • Emma Naomi (as Hannah)
  • Mark Williams (as Professor Nuttham)
  • Ed Stoppard (as Dr. Condorston)
  • Jordan Alexandra (as Linnea)
  • Michael Culkin (as Professor McTeague)
  • Tyler Merritt (as Dr. Deveaux)
  • Nicholas Aaron (as Elton)
  • Tim Matthews (as Mounted policeman)
  • Olisa Odele (as Fred)
  • George Jaques (as Bill)
  • Emily Dunlop (as Ann Drake)
  • Candace Kirkpatrick
  • Dean Shortland (as Charles Drake)
  • Jack Healy (as Student Advisor)

FAQs Related to Surprised by Oxford

Where to Watch Surprised by Oxford?

Currently, there are no streaming platforms with the rights to watch the movie “Surprised by Oxford” online. MAPPA, the studio behind the film, has made the decision to exclusively release it in theaters due to its significant success. The studio’s rationale is that streaming the movie would likely reduce profits rather than boost them, so they are focused on theatrical distribution to maximize revenue.

Is Surprised by Oxford on Netflix?

The streaming giant offers an extensive library of TV series and movies, yet ‘Surprised by Oxford’ is not part of their collection. We suggest that our readers explore alternative dark fantasy films such as ‘The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.’

Is Surprised by Oxford on Amazon Prime?

At present, ‘Surprised by Oxford’ is not available in Amazon Prime’s catalog. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that the film may become accessible on the platform as a video-on-demand option in the upcoming months. In the meantime, for viewers seeking a comparable experience, the original series ‘Dororo’ is worth considering and can be found on Amazon Prime’s official website.

When Will Surprised by Oxford Be on Disney+?

The latest addition to the Surprised by Oxford series, “Surprised by Oxford,” is set to premiere on Disney+ on July 8th! This new installment is poised to deliver the same level of excitement as its predecessors, packed with thrilling action and adventure to captivate viewers. If you’re eagerly anticipating its release, you might be curious about when it will be accessible through your Disney+ subscription.

Final words

We are cherished, and there exists a Divine Lover. He is a persistent God, continuously seeking us out. Just as depicted in William Holman Hunt’s painting, He stands at the door of our hearts, as described in Revelation 3:20. His purpose is to establish a connection with us, to be accepted as the fulfillment of our deepest desires.

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The pivotal question before us is whether we will open the door and welcome Him in. This is the central question for Caro, not only concerning Kent but, more importantly, concerning Christ.

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