Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Jointly stated about their Divorce rumors

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Jointly stated about their Divorce rumors

How did Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas address the rumors about their divorce? They both turned to Instagram to discuss their separation. They issued a collective statement that conveyed, “Statement from both of us: ‘Following four fulfilling years of marriage, we have jointly chosen to peacefully conclude our marital union.'”

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Jointly stated about their Divorce rumors

“There exist various speculative interpretations concerning the rationale behind this decision, but the reality is that it is a mutual choice. We earnestly aspire that everyone can respect our plea for privacy, for the sake of both ourselves and our children,” concluded the statement.

According to TMZ, the primary reason for their divorce was attributed to their contrasting lifestyles. An insider disclosed, “She finds pleasure in going out and mingling, whereas he leans towards staying in.” Their lifestyles are very different.”

The tabloid also reported that Joe Jonas had enlisted the services of attorney Tom Sasser, known for handling Tiger Woods’ divorce, and would be seeking joint custody of their two children: Willa, born in 2020, and their other daughter born in 2022, whose name has not been disclosed publicly.

Just a day earlier, Jonas appeared to counter the rumors of an impending split with his wife of four years. He shared a selfie on Instagram in which his wedding ring was clearly visible on his finger. Understandably, fans interpreted this as a sign that the rumors were untrue.

TMZ also reported that sources had informed them that Turner and Jonas had been experiencing “significant issues” for most of the year. It was mentioned that “Joe has been taking care of their two young children almost all of the time,” even while his band was on tour.

At present, Joe is looking after both kids while the group tours across the United States. In a separate report, People mentioned that Jonas had “engaged a divorce attorney,” though it was noted that neither of their representatives had officially commented on the rumors.

The couple initiated their relationship in 2016. Turner reminisced about how they had numerous mutual friends attempting to set them up, but it never quite materialized. She believed it was destiny because, as she put it, “[they] were both following each other on Instagram, and one day, completely out of the blue, he sent me a direct message.”

It was certainly a bold move, but evidently, it worked in his favor. Interestingly, it seems to be a technique favored by the Jonas Brothers. Nick Jonas, for instance, used a similar approach when he slid into his now-wife’s Twitter DMs with the line, “I think we should connect.”

The couple surprised everyone by getting married in Las Vegas in 2019, but their relationship hit a rough patch. Turner attributed much of the difficulty to her mental health struggles. She reminisced about that period, stating, “I was experiencing a phase of significant mental turmoil.”

The actress known for her role in “Revenge” continued, “He told me, ‘I can’t be with you until you learn to love yourself. I can’t witness you loving me more than you love yourself.’ What he did was really something remarkable. I believe, in a manner of speaking, he rescued my life.”

Their first child, a daughter named Willa, arrived in 2020, followed by the birth of their second daughter in 2022. Jonas shared with PEOPLE, “Being a father has been an incredible experience, and it has taught me something new about myself every day. It’s what life is all about for me – nurturing the next generation.”

Turner, speaking to Elle UK, expressed, “The most wonderful aspect of life is witnessing my daughter’s continuous growth. We’re thrilled to be growing our family. It’s the greatest blessing imaginable.”

The couple continues to maintain their privacy when it comes to their family life. In May 2023, Sophie Turner shared a video of their daughter Willa on Instagram but promptly removed it. She later explained in another Instagram post, “I’m extremely protective of the life we’ve created.”

She continued, “Whenever Joe and I make a joint appearance on a red carpet, we ensure it serves a meaningful purpose that aligns with our careers.” We’re mindful not to promote ourselves as a celebrity couple because that’s not really our style.”

She further added, “My daughter never desired anything like this.” I’m well aware of the toll this industry can take on one’s mental health, the constant scrutiny through photography, and the barrage of comments. I don’t want her to bear this burden unless she decides, ‘This is what I want to pursue.’

We maintain a firm stance on this. We’ll support her in pursuing her passions, but I don’t think we’d allow her to enter the professional realm until she’s 18. I’m also deeply committed to ensuring she doesn’t become a product of nepotism.”

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