Punjab’s ‘Kulhad Pizza’ on Viral Video, Couple Says It’s Totally Fake


A man from Jalandhar, whose private video with his wife was leaked online, has asserted that the video is computer-generated using artificial intelligence (AI). The individual turned to Instagram to provide an explanation once the video had been widely distributed across the internet.

Kulhad Pizza Talks About Their Viral Video

The couple, who gained recognition on social media a few months back for preparing ‘Kulhad pizza’ at their food stall in Jalandhar, found themselves in the spotlight again recently when a video supposedly featuring them was leaked online. They have since released a statement affirming the video’s inauthenticity and urging the public to refrain from sharing it further.

Story Behind the ‘Kulhad Pizza’ Viral Video

In an Instagram video he shared, the man stated that the fabricated video had been leaked online by an individual attempting to blackmail him.

“The video that’s going viral is completely fabricated. About 15 days ago, I received a message on Instagram that included this video. The sender of the message tried to extort money from me, threatening to release the video online if I didn’t comply,” he asserted.

“Opting not to provide money to an unfamiliar individual, I went to Jalandhar’s Police Station number 4 and filed a formal complaint. The police also detained several individuals in connection with the case,” he further explained.

Claimed that the video is Fake

“You may have come across a video of us… it’s entirely fake. The reason it’s circulating is that we received a message on Instagram 15 days ago, which included an extortion attempt and the video. The wrongdoer threatened to make the video go viral unless their demands were met. However, we refused to comply and promptly reported the incident to the police,” Sehaj recounted the ordeal in Punjabi on his official Instagram account last Thursday.

The man went on to assert that his wife was in the final stages of her pregnancy, which is why they were preoccupied with hospital visits for 2-3 days and couldn’t devote more attention to the situation. He reiterated that the video was subsequently leaked online and is entirely fraudulent, created using artificial intelligence.

As reported by True Scoop News, a 23-year-old woman has been apprehended in relation to the case. The woman was allegedly terminated from her position by the Kulhad Pizza couple on September 4th of this year.

Files Police Case Amid Row Over Viral Video

“Kulhad Pizza filed an official complaint at Jalandhar Police Station Number 4. The allegations and details presented in the complaint were of a grave nature. In response to the complaint, FIR number 90, dated 29/9/2023, has been registered under sections 66 (E) and 66 (D) of the IT Act, as well as sections 509 and 384 of the IPC Act. A suspect in the case, identified as Sonia, has been apprehended,” stated ACP Nirmal Singh.

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