Nicholas Hoult Cast as Lex Luthor in ‘Superman: Legacy’


Nicholas Hoult is transitioning from the Marvel universe to DC, as the X-Men star secures the role of the nefarious Lex Luthor in DC’s highly anticipated film, “Superman: Legacy.” This announcement coincides with the casting of María Gabriela de Faría in the role of another antagonist, The Engineer.

Nicholas Hoult Is Casting as Lex Luthor in 'Superman: Legacy'

The news of Hoult’s casting was first reported by Deadline, though details about the extent of his role in the film remain undisclosed.

Nevertheless, the British actor stands out as one of the most prominent names in the current cast, boasting a notable filmography that includes titles like “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Renfield,” and “The Great,” in addition to his portrayal of the young Beast/Hank McCoy in the X-Men film series.

Although “Superman: Legacy” won’t delve into a traditional origin narrative, it will explore a younger Clark Kent as he grapples with his heritage and finds his footing in the world. The film is set to be directed by James Gunn.

Joining Hoult in the cast of “Superman: Legacy” is Nathan Fillion, widely recognized from “Firefly,” portraying the Green Lantern, Guy Gardner. The titular role of Superman will be taken on by the relatively new face, David Corenswet, while Rachel Brosnahan is set to portray Lois Lane.

Superman: Legacy

Anticipated as a flexible reboot for the DC cinematic universe, “Superman: Legacy” is poised to mark the official commencement of the James Gunn and James Safran era, following their assumption of leadership last year. Despite this, the film is not slated for release until July 11, 2025.

Designed as the inaugural installment in a new series, the movie will adopt the MCU model, featuring various “chapters” that converge toward pivotal moments as part of an overarching eight-to-ten-year plan.

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Drawing inspiration from the All-Star Superman comic run spanning 2005 to 2008, the movie is expected to mirror the narrative that depicted the character facing mortality due to Lex Luthor’s manipulations and explore how he responds to the imminent threat of his demise.

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