Khufiya Movie Review: Tabu and Ali Fazal’s Collaboration Falls Short of Expectations


Exceptionally Astute R&AW Operative Krishna Mehra, Known as KM (Portrayed by Tabu), Uncovers a Traitor Within: An Indian Agent Peddling Classified Data to Hostile Forces Must Be Apprehended at Any Expense. Vishal Bhardwaj’s Spy Thriller ‘Khufiya,’ Inspired by the Work of Former Intelligence Officer Amar Bhushan in ‘Escape To Nowhere,’ Ventures into Uncharted Waters for the Acclaimed Director.

Khufiya Movie Review

Considering the director’s penchant for delving into the enigmas of the human heart – where spies and clandestine lovers share a common territory – I was eager to witness how he’d navigate the labyrinth of secrets harbored by his characters.

Even with the exceptional talent of Tabu leading the way and Bhardwaj’s undeniable expertise in crafting atmospheres, complete with surprising touches of humor, ‘Khufiya’ ultimately proves to be a somewhat uneven experience, falling short of its potential brilliance.

Khufiya Movie Details

Movie NameKhufiya (2023)
Initial Release Date5 October 2023
CastTabu, Wamiqa Gabbi, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ali Fazal, Navnindra Behl, Atul Kulkarni, Azmeri Haque Badhon
BudgetRs. 25-30 crores
IMDB Rating7.1/10
Dustributed ByNetflix
Based onEscape to Nowhere Book

The process of uncovering the mole is an integral element of the storyline, and it’s no hidden secret. The practical aspects of espionage, such as tailing suspects, strategically positioning spy cameras in their residences, and executing a high-stakes relay of responsibilities, may not introduce groundbreaking concepts, yet it maintains our engagement throughout the narrative.

The intricate web of characters leading double or even triple lives across borders provides a fresh perspective, particularly in the portrayal of a Bangladeshi operative (Azmeri Haque Badhon), who embodies a seductive Mata Hari archetype and seamlessly integrates herself into KM’s professional and personal spheres.

The dynamics within KM’s ex-husband (Atul Kulkarni) and their teenage son are skillfully drawn, offering a poignant insight.

Similarly, the portrayal of other mother-son relationships, like the one between the prime suspect Ravi Mohan (Ali Fazal) and his wise elderly mother (Navnindra Behl), as well as the strong bond between Mohan’s wife Charu (Wamiqa Gabbi) and their young son, aims to infuse emotional depth into “Khufiya,” underscoring that even those compelled to live in the shadows possess a tender, vulnerable side.

However, the chemistry between Fazal and Gabbi falls short, and this pivotal aspect of the film fails to resonate effectively.

Trailer of Khufiya Movie:

Following the intermission, the film enters a sluggish phase as it delves into the predicament of Mohan and his family, taking refuge in the wintry landscapes of South Dakota, where the unchanging routine of espionage life can feel interminable.

At times, moments of imminent peril and the certainty of dire consequences are juxtaposed with tense laughter or moments of tenderness. For instance, a dinner scene featuring rogan josh and a table full of individuals eyeing each other with suspicion, or a sequence charged with electricity between KM and her passionate operative, injects some vitality into the narrative.

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However, these instances fail to sustain our unwavering engagement. Moreover, Tabu’s absence from the screen leaves a void, making us yearn for more of her and Badhon’s compelling performances. We long for the Bhardwaj of yore, the maestro who had the power to make every scene come alive.

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