How to Use Google Drive as a Local Disk on Your Computer

How to Use Google Drive as a Local Disk in Computer

Hello friends, in this article you will know How to Use Google Drive as a Local Disk on Your Computer’s File Explorer. If you do any work for which you often have to use Google Drive, then we are going to tell you a method by which you’ll be able to use Google Drive as a Local Disk Drive.

We can relate that using Google Drive in the Chrome browser is something annoying because you have to open it again and again. That’s why the best way would be that it should remain like Local Disk in your computer itself.

When you have to use it, just double-click on This PC and your Google Drive will be in front of you. Want to know what you have to do with this trick?

How to Use Google Drive as a Local Disk

To use Google Drive as a local disk drive in the computer’s file explorer, you have to Download and Install Google Drive on your computer. After this, some settings have to be done so that Google Drive comes in File Explorer like a Local Disk. You can access it whenever you want. The complete process is explained below.

1. Download Google Drive

Open your computer’s browser to download the Google Drive setup file to your computer. Now search in Google Download Google Drive App and then press Enter. After this, you have to click on the first result only. It is possible that the ranking of the results may go up or down with time, so for this, you can match by looking at the heading in the image below.

Click on first result

After this, some such interfaces will be seen on the next page as shown in the image below. Here you have to tap on the Download Drive for desktop option. After this, the setup file of Google Drive will start downloading. The Size of the file is about 277 Megabytes.

Download Drive for desktop

2. Install Google Drive

As soon as the Google Drive setup file is downloaded, click on the dropdown next to the downloaded file. After this, click on the option Open at the top.

Open when it downloaded

After opening, the interface of the setup file looks like this (see image below). Here by default the top checkbox is unchecked and the bottom checkbox is ticked. You just have to reverse it. Tick the top checkbox and untick the bottom checkbox. After that click on Install. Due to this, your Google Drive will start installing.

Install Google Drive

3. Sign in with Google Account

When Google Drive is installed on your computer, there will be an option to sign in with a Google account, as shown in the image below. Here you have to click on the Sign in through your browser option. Whichever browser you use Google Chrome will open.

Sign in through your browser

As soon as the browser opens, the list of all your Gmail IDs will be shown. If you are not already signed in with any Google Account in the browser then the sign-in page will open. Sign in from there and select your Google Account. If you are already signed in, select the Gmail ID from the list that you want to access from File Explorer.

Choose a google account

After this, on the next page, click on the Sign in option which has been highlighted. After this, the message Sign in successfully will be shown on the next page. After which you can close that tab or your browser.

Click on Sign in

4. Make a Local Disk Drive

Now you have to make Google Drive like a local disk drive so that you can access it from your File Explorer. For this, first, click on the arrow with Hidden Icons given in the Right Corner of the Taskbar. After this, you will see the icon of Google Drive. Right Click on that icon.

Click dropdown aero

Now a pop-up window will open in front of you, in which there will be a setting icon, click on it. After this, some more options will appear. Select the Preferences option.

Click on Preferences

After this, the Google Drive application will open. Then the Take a Tour screen comes in which all the options are explained. If you want, you can also skip by clicking on No, thanks. Now look at the top, there will be a Settings icon. You have to click on that icon.

Click on Settings

After this, there will be so many options appearing on your computer screen. You do not have to touch any other option. Only the Google Drive streaming location option has to come in the Drive Letter option. There you have to select what will be the letter of your Google Drive Disk. After selecting the letter, click on Save.

Select Drive Letter

Note: Just as many partitions remain in Hard Disk or SSD, which are named C, D, E, etc. Then it gets written like Local Disk (C:). Similarly, you have to select any letter. Keep in mind that apart from the letter which is already showing, select a different one.

After clicking on Save, there’s a need to Restart your computer. By the way, after clicking on save in Google Drive, the Reboot option comes by itself. But if it does not come then restart it by yourself.

5. Explore Google Drive

After rebooting, open This PC or File Explorer. You will see that the storage of your Google Drive is being shown. It is also visible how full it is and how much storage is available. As shown in the image.

Google Drive is showing in File Explorer

Now open that Google Drive storage. After opening, there remains a folder named My Drive. On going inside it, you will get all the files uploaded to your Google Drive. You can explore Google Drive and access them from within your File Explorer.

Final words

We have taught you the complete process of using Google Drive as a local disk drive in the file explorer of your computer. We hope that you have understood all the steps well and you too will be able to use Google Drive with File Explorer. You can comment in case of any problem in any step.

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