How to Update Youtube With & Without Play Store (In 1 Min)

How to Update Youtube Without Play Store

Many new smartphones users don’t know how to update YouTube. That’s why we’ve given some easy ways in this article by which you can update your YouTube app in 1 minute. YouTube often updates to remove bugs and add new features. Therefore, YouTube users should know how to update it.

How to Update Youtube Without Play Store

Also, don’t forget to read what happens by updating Youtube. Often people resort to Youtube App to spend their time or to know something. After all, all kinds of videos are available for free in this. The credit for all this goes to fast and cheap internet. If you start watching then the whole day may end but YouTube videos will not end.

Many people also earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. You can also upload videos if you want. To get new features and good performance, you can update the Youtube App yourself, or when the YouTube app becomes too old, it automatically gives a notification to update. Let’s know that How to Update Youtube.

How to Update Youtube With Play Store

1. Open Google Play Store to update Youtube.

Youtube Update Apk 2023

2. After this, type youtube in the search bar and search it.

Update Youtube App Download

3. Now click on the Update option given next to the name of Youtube.

Youtube Update Online

4. After this your Youtube app will start updating. When the complete update is done, the option of Open will come instead of Update. Which means your youtube app has been updated.

How to Update Youtube Without Play Store

Apart from the way we have mentioned above to update Youtube, there is another way. Sometimes on updating the apps in Play Store, only Pending will be shown written. If this is happening to you too, then you can follow this method and update the YouTube app.

#1. First of all open Chrome or any browser on your mobile.

How to Update Youtube on Chrome

#2. Now type youtube latest version apk in the search bar and search.

Youtube Latest Version Apk Download 2023

#3. After that click on the first result.

How to Update Youtube on PC

#4. Now find the Download option on the page that will open and click on it.

Youtube App Not Updating Problem Fix

#5. After this, a pop-up will open in which again click on the Download option.

New Youtube Update for Android

#6. After that such an alert may appear, click on Download anyway here. After which the file will start downloading.

How to Update Youtube Vanced

#7. Now there will also be a notification of the downloaded Apk file in the notification panel, click on it.

How to Update Youtube on Smart TV

#8. After this, install that file by clicking on the Install option.

How to Update Youtube on Android

#9. Your Youtube app will be updated after the Apk file is installed.

How to Update Youtube on Jio Phone

Earlier, even though there was a decrease in the number of users of Jio Phone, today many people use Jio Phone. If you are a Jio Phone user and want to know how to update Youtube on Jio Phone, then the method is also explained below. You just follow all the steps and your YouTube app will be updated.

(1) To update Jio Phone, turn on the data connection.

(2) After this go to the menu and open the Settings app.

(3) Now go to the Device section with the help of the right button.

(4) After this, the option of Software Update will appear at the top, select it.

(5) On going to the software update option, all the apps whose updates are available will start downloading. If you have got an update of the YouTube app as well, then it will also start updating.

(6) After the update is downloaded, install it with the OK button. This is how you can update Youtube on your Jio Phone.

What will Happen by Updating Youtube?

  • Whenever YouTube brings a new update, it gives some new features and functions. All these changes happen only to improve your streaming experience. That’s why always keep the YouTube app updated.
  • Any problem in any app is mostly due to Bugs, they are fixed by Updates.
  • On updating the Youtube app, the app runs faster than before and its security gets better.

Final words

We have given you a lot of information related to updating YouTube. We hope that with the help of this article, you will update your Youtube App. If for some reason your YouTube is not getting updated (Youtube Update Problem), then tell us your problem in the comment below.

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