How to Hide your Online Status on WhatsApp


Friends, in this article, complete information will be given about how to hide online on Whatsapp. There are many amazing features on Whatsapp but everyone doesn’t know about them. One of those privacy features is to hide Online and Last seen. After enabling it, no one will be able to know whether you are online or offline.

How to Hide your Online Status on WhatsApp

Also, nobody knows when was the last time you opened Whatsapp. With this you can avoid the eyes of your family members, Gf/Bf, friends or other relatives. Whatsapp keeps on giving many such privacy features. These things make Whatsapp different and better than other messaging apps.

For those who pay more attention to privacy, this feature is a boon. Apart from this special feature, we will also tell you how to appear offline while being online in Whatsapp and when you send a message in Whatsapp, only single blue tick is visible to the sender. This article has been prepared about how to do all these settings. So let’s first know how to hide online status in Whatsapp.

How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp

Before hiding online on Whatsapp, keep in mind that if you hide your last seen, then you will not be able to see the last seen of others too. If you want to see the last seen of others, then do not turn on this feature. Follow the steps given below to hide online on Whatsapp.(Also check the method below to hide online with last seen)

1. First open Whatsapp. (If you are still using the old version, then update it, because this option may not be available in the old Whatsapp)

2. Now tap on the Kebab Menu in the top right corner.

Whatsapp Homepage

3. Now some options will apear in it, out of which you have to tap on the Settings option.

Whatsapp Settings

4. After this, the page will open in which you can change the profile photo (DP) and name. Here there will be an option of Account below Dp and Name, just tap on it.

Click on Account option

5. Now, few more options will appear in front of you, out of which you have to tap on the Privacy option.

Click on Privacy option

6. Next, you have to find the Last Seen option in the new page and tap on it.

Hide Last Seen Whatsapp

7. Now, a new interface will apear, but in the earlier version a pop-up used to open. In this page, select whom you want to show your last seen. If you select My contacts, then all the people in your contact list will see your last seen.

Whatsapp Last Seen Hide

8. You can select the people whom you do not want to show with My contacts except option. If you select the Nobody option, then nobody will be able to see your last seen. (As we told, and it’s written in the image above that if you hide your last seen, then you too will not be able to see anyone’s last seen.)

How to appear Offline while being Online on Whatsapp

The first method you read above only hides your last seen, but when you come online, anybody can see that you are online. But by following the settings mentioned below, you can hide your online status completely.

Not everyone knows this method of hiding your online status on Whatsapp. Through this, you will appear offline even when you are online. Generally it happens that if someone in front sends a message then Blue Tick does not come.

Due to which, the person who’s texting you feels that you are offline. There is a drawback in this method, this option can only be enabled if your mobile’s Android version is below 9 (Pie). Let’s know how to enable it.

1. First of all, Open the WhatsApp app and Go to Settings again. Now tap on the Notifications option.

Whatsapp Notifications

2. After this, tap on the Popup notification option in the next page.

Popup Notification option

3. Now a pop-up will open in which select Always show popup option.

Always show popup

4. Now whenever you get a message, reply to it from the pop-up only.

Reply on popup window

5. This is how you can completely hide the online status of your Whatsapp.

FAQ: How to Hide Online on Whatsapp

How to show only single tick in Whatsapp?

There is no option available in Original Whatsapp to show only single tick in Whatsapp. This can happen only when you use Whatsapp’s alternative GBWhatsapp or FM Whatsapp. You can easily show single tick on them.

How to hide online status while chatting?

If you want to hide your online status while chatting, follow both the methods mentioned in this article. In the first method only keeps your last seen hidden. In another way, you will keep chatting, still the person in front will see that you’re offline.

How to remove Blue Tick in Whatsapp?

To remove Blue Tick in Whatsapp, you have to disable the Read Receipts option. You will get this option by going to Settings > Account > Privacy. On disabling it, the person who’s chatting with you won’t know that you have seen the message. Also, He/She won’t know whether you see their WhatsApp Status.

Final words

We have given you a lot of information about hiding your online status in Whatsapp, appearing offline while being online, single tick and blue tick. We hope you have hidden your online status.

The second method will only work in versions below Android 9, but nowadays everyone has a smartphone above 9. For that we will try to bring a new article soon.

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