How to Choose a Perfect Smartphone: Complete Guide [2023]


Hello friends, in this article you will know that How to Choose a Perfect Smartphone. Meaning how can you choose the best smartphone? All those points have been covered in this article so that you will know which mobile will be best for you. The names of some of the best successful mobiles have also been given.

How to Choose a Perfect Smartphone

Nowadays mobile has become very important for humans. He has become so addicted to it that even a small heart attack occurs if the mobile is not found in the pocket. The better the mobile, the more fun it will be to run it. So if you are going to buy a mobile then this article has very useful information for you. Let us know how to choose a good smartphone.

How to Choose a Perfect Smartphone

We will tell about choosing a good smartphone from two points of view, in which one will be a normal user and the other will be a high-end user. Normal users do not do much more than take photos, calling-messaging, watching YouTube, or other videos on mobile. While high-end users do gaming, installing heavy apps, playing mobile bands, etc. in addition to all these.

According to both types of users, this article has been divided into Display Size and Type, Camera, Battery, Storage, Operating System, Brand, etc. So that it becomes clear to the peoples are the specifications they want in their mobile. Let us know all the points in detail.

Display Type, Size, and Resolution

There are 6 types of Mobile Displays which are TFT, IPS, LCD, OLED, AMOLED, and Super AMOLED. Always keep one thing in mind the display quality of your mobile is good then only images, videos, and graphics will look good. If you want the best display then we will prefer AMOLED and Super AMOLED only because they are known as the best display.

But the problem is; they are very pricey. If your budget is not high, then you can take a mobile with IPS or LCD. Natural colors are shown even in LCD displays. Talk about their size, then you should buy a smartphone that does not have any problem operating it with one hand. For this, a display size of 6 to 6.5 inches is best.

Along with the type and size, it is also necessary to check the resolution of the display. According to the size of the display we have preferred, only a smartphone with a resolution of 1080P or more will be available. Which is considered very good.

Camera Quality

Now we will talk about the point which matters the most. People already have a lot of knowledge about it. Most people believe that photo is good in a smartphone with a more megapixel camera. Therefore, whatever the smartphone may be, if it has a camera with more megapixels, then take it.

But for your information, let us tell you that this does not happen every time. Some Smartphones have a camera with fewer megapixels but still, the photo is very good in them. A high MP camera also shows the spots on your face very well. But we are not saying that you should only buy a smartphone with a low MP camera.

Nowadays even a smartphone with a 108MP camera is available, in which the moon can also be seen by zooming. Still, before taking the mobile, do check once how the photo is looking on it. A normal user should take a Smartphone with 12MP and 64 or more MP cameras for high-end users.

Battery Capacity

Battery Capacity is very important for both normal and high-end users because, in today’s world, no one wants to charge their mobile again and again. Earlier smartphones with more than 3000-3500mAh Battey Capacity were not available, and their battery used to run out quickly. But now you do not need to take any tension for the battery.

Nowadays even smartphones with Battey Capacity up to 6000-7000mAh have also available in the market. Once charged, it can run comfortably for 4-5 days for normal users and 2-3 days for high-end users. Some Samsung smartphones are getting 7000mAh battery capacity, but they are still a bit expensive.

Nevertheless, even in most Budget Smartphones, a battery life of up to 6000mAh is available. Which is sufficient for both normal users and high-end users.

RAM(Random Access Memory)

This point may not be that important for normal users, but it is the most important point for high-end users. All games and apps run in RAM only. Everyone knows that the more RAM the mobile has, the faster it will work. Earlier Smartphones with 1-2 GB RAM were also enough for us, but now that much does not work.

That is why Smartphones are also developing with time. Nowadays even normal 4G Smartphones have 4 to 6 GB RAM. Recently, some such Smartphones have also been launched which have 10-12GB of RAM, as well as with the help of internal storage, they can also be increased up to 19GB.

We believe that a Smartphone with 3-4 GB RAM is enough for a normal user. Along with this, high-end users should take only Smartphones with 6GB plus RAM, otherwise, the mobile will start hanging within 1 month.

Internal Storage

All the users should pay attention to this point because due to the High-Quality Cameras in today’s Smartphones, their size (in MB) becomes very high. Also, only Internal Storage remains selected for the default storage in all mobiles. Because of this, your internal storage gets full very quickly.

For this reason, the mobile starts showing the error of Storage Full and the mobile starts hanging. One more thing is that 5-10 GB less storage is available than what is told. This happens because the Android system is installed in the mobile and there are many pre-installed apps as well. Some storage is reserved for them.

Therefore, even if you are a normal user, take a smartphone with at least 32GB storage. And if you are a high-end user then it would be good to have a smartphone with 64GB or more internal storage.

Operating System

Operating system is a required thing to run any smartphone. All the apps remain installed in the same operating system. Mobiles with 4 types of Operating Systems are available in the market, which are Android, Windows, iOS, and KaiOS respectively. Of these, only Apple Smartphones are available in iOS, and only JIO’s Smartphones are in KaiOS.

Only Windows Phones are available in Windows too. Since Android is an Open Source operating system, you get a lot of options in it. In all this, Apple and Windows smartphones are very expensive, which only a few people can afford. If you want, you can take it, their quality is tremendous.

You can get many more Budget Smartphones in Android. Along with this, some such features are available at a low price, which are not available even on expensive Apple mobiles. Therefore, whether you are a normal user or a high-end user, you should use Android Smartphones only.


Our advice is that it will be better if you do not get caught in the affair of the brand. Because these Smartphone companies prepare smartphones by exchanging goods. For example, Samsung’s AMOLED display in Apple’s mobile, Sony’s camera in Android mobiles, and Redmi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and One Plus all have Android operating system

That’s why you pay more attention to the specifications of the mobile. With its help, you will be able to get a better mobile. If someone says that the brand of mobile is most important, then put 3-4 rings under his ear. Then he will also understand.


We are sorry, this is the most important point which we have covered in the last one. Specifications come later, first comes your budget. You also know that as per your budget, you will be able to get that much smartphone. Now we do not know how is your budget, but still, we can tell from an estimate that

According to the specifications we have given, a Smartphone worth 12-16 thousand for a normal user and 15-25 thousand or more for a high-end user will be correct.

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Final words

We have given you a lot of information to get a Perfect and Best Smartphone. From the information given above, you can find out what features should be there in your Dream Smartphone. We hope that with the help of this article, you will not face any confusion in buying a Smartphone.

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