Chinese President Xi Jinping will skip G20 Summit India: Sources

Xi Jinping will skip G20 Summit India

On Monday, Beijing announced that Premier Li Qiang will head China’s delegation to the G20 summit in India scheduled for this weekend, strongly indicating that President Xi Jinping will not attend the gathering of the world’s largest economies.

Speculation and media coverage have been circulating for the past week regarding Xi’s potential absence from the event, but China had not made an official statement on the matter. US President Joe Biden expressed his disappointment at the prospect of Xi not attending the gathering of world leaders in New Delhi.

Xi Jinping will skip G20 Summit India

On Monday, Beijing’s foreign ministry officially affirmed Premier Li Qiang’s participation in the G20 Leaders’ Summit scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, characterizing it as a significant platform for economic collaboration.

Spokeswoman Mao Ning stated during a routine press briefing, “During his attendance at this gathering, Premier Li Qiang will convey China’s perspectives and stances on G20 cooperation, emphasizing the need for G20 members to bolster unity and cooperation while collectively addressing global economic and developmental challenges.”

When questioned whether this announcement implied that Xi would not be heading to New Delhi, Mao responded, “I have just made an announcement on this matter. Premier Li Qiang will be leading a delegation to participate in the G20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi, India.”

The Group of 20, comprising 19 nations and the European Union, represents approximately 85 percent of global GDP and encompasses two-thirds of the world’s population.

This year’s summit has assumed added significance due to the challenges faced by numerous nations dealing with high inflation and economic instability amid a gradual recovery from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

China, the globe’s second-largest economy, has established an annual growth goal of approximately five percent. However, it confronts its own set of issues, such as sluggish consumer demand, a surge in youth unemployment, and a critical situation in the pivotal real estate sector.

When asked about reports suggesting that Xi had no plans to attend the assembly in New Delhi, Biden conveyed to reporters on Sunday, “I am disappointed, but I will have the opportunity to meet with him,” without offering additional information.

Xi has been present at every G20 summit since assuming power, except for the one in Rome in 2021, where he participated via video link.


BRICS pivot?

Xi’s potential nonattendance in New Delhi marks a difference from the warm welcome he received at a significant summit of major emerging economies last month.

At the Johannesburg gathering of the BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – the Chinese President assumed a prominent role as six new countries were welcomed into the group.

Argentina, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates will officially become full members starting from January 1, a decision that Xi described as “historic.”

“The expansion signifies a new start for BRICS collaboration.. It will inject new vitality into the BRICS cooperation framework and bolster our collective efforts towards world peace and development,” Xi stated at that moment.

Final words

China has consistently advocated for the expansion and fortification of BRICS as a counterbalance to the dominance of the United States and Western nations in global affairs. This effort has gained prominence, particularly amid escalating tensions related to technology, trade, human rights, and various other issues.

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Furthermore, Beijing has an enduring border dispute with the host nation of the G20, India, resulting in fatal clashes erupting along their disputed boundary in recent years.

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