Apple Explains Causes of iPhone 15 Overheating: Bugs, Apps, Software


On Saturday, Apple Inc. clarified that the recent reports of some new iPhones becoming excessively hot to the touch are a result of software and app-related issues, and reassured users that solutions will be provided shortly.

Apple Explains Causes of iPhone 15 Overheating

The company has indicated that during the initial days of setup and data restoration for users, the device may experience some heat due to a bug in the latest iOS 17 software. Additionally, the system may be overloaded by certain third-party apps, as reported by Bloomberg News last week.

Apple’s Statement on iPhone 15 Overheating

Apple explained in a statement that users might notice their device feeling slightly warmer during the initial days of setup or data restoration due to heightened background activity.

Apple added, “We have identified a bug in iOS 17 that is affecting certain users, and we will resolve it through a forthcoming software update.”

Apple informed Bloomberg that they are collaborating with the developers responsible for the apps contributing to iPhone overheating issues and are currently working on solutions. According to a spokesperson, apps such as Instagram from Meta Platforms Inc., Uber Technologies Inc.’s app, and the game Asphalt 9 have been identified as causing the device to run hotter than usual. Apple noted that Instagram has already addressed the issue with its app as of September 27th.

The most recent premium device features a titanium frame, marking a first for the iPhone. It also boasts an A17 Pro chip with enhanced graphics capabilities to enhance gaming performance. Certain researchers have suggested that these hardware modifications might have played a role in causing the problem.

Apple Denies that it is Hardware Problem

However, Apple has refuted any connection between the issue and the hardware of the iPhone 15 Pro series, asserting that the new design actually enhances heat dissipation compared to previous stainless steel models.

Additionally, Apple has assured that the forthcoming software update will not entail any reduction in processing speed for the latest models. Apple also clarified that the problem is not a safety concern and will not have a lasting impact on the long-term performance of the iPhone.

Furthermore, it stated that the inclusion of USB-C charging, the new standard in the latest models, is not responsible for the issue. However, Apple did mention that using a high-output charging adapter, specifically those with speeds exceeding 20 watts, may lead to temporary sensations of increased heat in iPhones.

Apple iPhone 15 Users are Disturbed

Numerous users have expressed their concerns on social media and contacted Apple support regarding the unusually high heat levels experienced when touching their new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices.

In some instances, users have gone as far as sharing pictures of thermometers displaying temperatures well above 100F (38C) in connection with their iPhones. Apple did not specify the release date or version number of the upcoming iOS 17 software update.

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Last week, the company rolled out the initial beta version of iOS 17.1 to app developers, with the official release slated for later in October.

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