About us

About us

Hello friends, a warm welcome to all of you in our Fire Hindi (firehindi.in) blog. In this blog of ours, you will get information about mobile, computer, gadgets, internet, banking, how to earn money and review of different types of apps etc. through articles. Overall we can say that this is a technical blog which gives you technical information.

How this Blog started

Internet has developed a lot, but still most of the people do not have good knowledge about it.

Some people do not know how to recharge, some do not know about IP address, want to delete YouTube or Google search history but do not know the process, do not know how to back up Whatsapp. And there are many technical problems which not all people know how to solve.

That is why we have started this blog. It tells the solutions to all your technical problems that you do not know about.

Our Mission / Objective

Our only aim is to help make India digital. By giving all kinds of technical information, we are motivating people for Digitalization. If some good happens to the common people from any article of this blog, then we will understand that our mission is being fulfilled.

About the Founder of the Blog

Friends my name is Harsh Lahre. My residence is in Khaija, a small village in Janjgir, Chhattisgarh. I blog from a middle class family. I have completed B.Sc.(Maths) from SNPV University. We have a mobile and computer shop in the village itself, in which I repair and sell mobiles, computers and other gadgets.

Harsh Lahre

Name: Harsh Lahre (Full: Harshvardhan Lahare)

Age: 22

Locality: Janjgir, Chhattisgarh, India

Education: D. Ed. and B.Sc. (Maths)

Profession: Electrician, Mobile & PC Shop

Hobby/Interests: Blogging, Coding, Electricial Things

It is necessary to tell who I am and what I do. Because only then you will have faith on us that the information we are giving is correct. I would like to say to our readers that you can fully trust the information mentioned in the article of this blog.

Before telling any method, or information, we ourselves check how correct it is. Only after that it is published in the blog. Whatever information is new or old, if we think it can be of use to you, then we publish it.

We need your support to move forward, and we know that we’ll definitely get that support from you. How did you like this blog of ours, tell us through a comment in a post. Also keep visiting our blog like this.